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July 1, 2010

Vampire Girl from the Dark Moon homepage

I’m a total sucker for vampires. Ever since I watched the movie Interview with a Vampire in my teen years, I’ve been hooked on those fang-bearers. I even love watching Angel!  (The vampire, not a fallen angel). I absolutely adore Charleine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, and I read any YA vampire novel I can get my hands on.

I didn’t choose to write about vampires when I was designing my story. I started creating my magical characters before Twilight hit the theaters (which was when I discovered the books), so YA vampires weren’t big in my world at the time. I should be thankful for thinking outside the box when I decided to write a book, because now agents and publishers aren’t taking in new vampire novels. At the time, I had no idea there were such things as trends in book publishing, and I thought that if someone wrote a good vampire novel, they’d get it published. As for me, I suppose I wanted to create something that was mine from the start.

I have also read books about fallen angels. I must admit that angels don’t appeal to me as much. I don’t know what it is. They’re supposed to have the dark element, but they just don’t do it for me. I’m now reading Fallen, by Lauren Kate, and we’ll see how I feel after that. It’s definitely something I wouldn’t choose to write about.

Then I’ve read books about fairies, and I honestly don’t know if I could ever write books about fairies. At least not the kind of fairies I’ve read recently. Elves are a different matter, and to me, they’re not the same (although they sometimes seem to star in fairy books). There’s now a giveaway on LTWF, and they’re giving away Wings, by Aprilynne Pike.  The book is a fairy book, but it might be interesting with a beautiful cover.

I can’t bring myself to check out a werewolf book from the library. I’ve seen them in movies and read about them as vampires vs. werewolves, but I always cheer for the vampires. Edward was always the one I rooted for, and Jacob was just annoying at times. The same goes for the movie Underworld, which really wasn’t a great movie, but it’s about vampires, and so I watched it. Charleine Harris has werewolves and fairies, but I let that slide because I love her vampires so much.

I suppose that if I can’t write about vampires (if I want to be published — and I do), I’ll have to continue creating my own race of fantasy creatures. I don’t know if that’ll ease my way into publishing or hinder, since it might be a risk for publishers to introduce new creatures. I have caught myself wondering if I should write a vampire series, I even have an idea for one, but reading the agent/publisher blogs I’ve decided not use my time on that and rather continue with my own creation.

Vampire books will always be the thing I love to read. I hope that although agents/publishers are rejecting such books today, they’ll never stop completely so that suckers, such as I, can continue reading what we love.

What are your favorite creatures in fantasy novels?


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  1. I’m with you on the vampires. Interview With the Vampire wasn’t the first Rice book I read. I read The Vampire Lestat first, and fell completely head over heals.

    I would say I love to read about fantasy magicians, elves, werewolves, vampires, goblins, ghosts, entities, aliens, zombies, and anything else rather dark and creepy.

    Good luck on the hunt!

    (I got here from SheWrites, BTW)

  2. Thanks, Lori!

    Yeah I suppose that I do love to read all fantasy genre as long as it’s well written.

    Ghosts are something I can see myself writing, since 99% of Icelanders believe in ghosts (they’ll tell you differently, but then they’ll dive into discussions about “weird things” that happened once and what happened when they went to a psychic). I think I’d be a good ghost-story writer.

  3. I’m definitely not into the dark and creepy! Fairies and elves, of course, need something sinister to fight against for a story to be interesting – orcs, goblins, dark dwarves, etc. As I get older, I find it harder to enjoy stories where all fairies are good and all goblins are bad. Humanity isn’t that way, why should other sentient races be?

    Vampires and werewolves have always been too scary for my entertainment precisely because they were once human and now prey on humans. The *only* interesting thing about Twilight series was the twist on that theme. I like Lupin in Harry Potter for the same reason.

    • Gha, and I just realized today who you are ^.^ I was checking my dashboard and saw the homepage link.

      Hi Bev! 😀

  4. “As I get older, I find it harder to enjoy stories where all fairies are good and all goblins are bad. Humanity isn’t that way, why should other sentient races be?”

    I can definitely relate here. When I was younger, books/movies portrayed the bad guys as ugly (inside and out), but that’s changing a lot. I actually think that might be why the fantasy genre is popular in the young adult literature today: the bad guys are often pretty and they are sometimes good by fighting their “evil nature”. Things aren’t black or white anymore.

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