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Free Online Conference

August 7, 2010

Okay, I’m putting my musings about self-publishing on ice for a bit. Yes, I’ll study it, but I want to see if I can get trade-published first.

I joined WriteOnCon yesterday. I signed up on the forum, and I’m now an attendee at the free online conference on August 10-12th 2010. There are over 1400 people “attending”, and I’ll be able to post my query letter, first five pages, and first 250 words, first thing Monday morning. Then I’ll possibly get critiques from fellow writers, and possibly publishers/agents/other trade people too. I already have some critiques on my practice critique of first five pages (you need to register on the forum to see it).

I’m also having fun writing critiques for others. I already wrote four yesterday and another four today. I leave the query critiques alone for now, because I don’t feel too comfortable advising people on that since I’m not a 100% comfortable with query letter writing. I think the conference will be exciting. I can post questions for professionals, there will be rewards, and I’ll meet other writers, and maybe make friendships or find critique buddies there.

I’ll also join The Muse Online Writers Conference in October. That’s also free, but it lasts a whole week. They have workshops that I’d like to check out. More on that later.


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