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Amazing Conference!

August 10, 2010

WriteOnCon is just amazing! We managed to crash the server, so it’s down for the moment, but I’ve been smiling all day while reading/watching lectures, meeting people and doing and receiving critiques. I may have possibly found a second person to critique my manuscript, and I’m going to badger a third, too. I’m also taking notes, although the content will probably be up after the conference, but I like having my own notes. There are all sorts of professionals taking part in this, agents, editors, illustrators, published authors. There’s a new lecture every hour, and in between I have fun critiquing.

And best of all? It’s free! And I can wear my pajamas, although I’m not wearing them now since I had to go out earlier, but I could! If online conferences are this cool, I can’t imagine what the real thing is like.

This is the first time this is held, but they’re going to do it every year. It’s amazing what a few aspiring authors can do when they get together. And I love how the industry people are eager to participate – they can’t be getting paid for it since the girls hosting the conference aren’t charging. The contest awards are amazing, and I’m getting great critiques on my stuff. Who knows, maybe some professional will critique as well.

Sorry for the gushing, I swear I’m not getting anything free out of it, it’s just me being excited. I just didn’t realize this was going to be so much fun. I even got my husband to take the kids out after kindergarten so that I can focus on this.


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  1. So glad I ran across your blog sounds like fun! Good Luck with the writing.

  2. Thanks Kerry. It’s Children’s/MG/YA, so if you write in these categories, you should check it out…when the servers are back up. And even if you’re writing that genre, well, you can learn loads.

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